Project 850


Project 850 combines computational design and creative coding to design the visual language of the global print campaign for the BMW 8 Series. We wrote custom software to produce visual caustics, light reflections and gradients. The generated content is then projected into space, covering the product and filling the environment with digital lighting.


The technical setup for the digital content of the production 850, consists of multiple projectors and cranes to quickly adjust to any circumstances. The corresponding architecture was used for inside and outside shootings. For our digital content we used a combination of geometries generated in Houdini and a realtime shader pipelines in vvvv.


Throughout Project 850, our new media approach merged deeply into existing traditions and expertise within the fields of automotive photography, print campaigns and branding.
The success of such an experimental approach can only be guaranteed based on mutual trust. We would like to thank our partners Service Plan and BMW for their support and cooperation. We would also like to thank the incredible photographer Igor Panitz for the creative exchange. His perseverance and need for perfection inspired us. We have learned, shared and look forward to further interdisciplinary collaborations.


Art Direction Photography: Igor Panitz
Art Direction Digital Content: Waltz Binaire
Technical Direction Digital: Mickey van Olst
Generative Design: Pavel Karafiat
Projector Setup: Proietta
Technical Director Projector: Matteo Pertusio
Post Production: rhein.Art Postproduktion and Stefan Eisele Postproduktion
Production: Peak Productions
Agency: Serviceplan, Christine Behrendt, Sebastian Stabenau, Adam Karger, Jan Grothklags
BMW: Judith Hebele, Amelie Klim, Heiko Kircher


Camera1: Davide Marcone
Camera2: Timothy Heys Cerchio
Music: Balanescu Quartett – Mother
Colorgrading: André Froelian