Light And Echo

Captivating 360 experience to sense

organic fragments in digital textile.



Light And Echo

Light And Echo is an immersive experience of digital cloth, embracing the audience with a dramatic choreography. We envisioned an exciting experience to communicate a poetic story of fabric in motion. Textile emerges, pushes, breathes and vanishes to illustrate tangible tension in digital elastics. Discussing the ideas of virtual reality, we decided to develop a space of size and collective perception. In order to fully clinch the observer with an overwhelming digital textile, a 32 meter circular LED Arena pushes its visual content from 360 degree into its geometric focus.


The content consists of multiple short movies rendered in octane. To create a physically correct, yet surreal experience we utilized a number of different procedures and custom software,

Marvelous Designer
Substance Designer


Design: Waltz Binaire
Artistic Direction: Christian Mio Loclair
3D Artist: Remo Gambacciani
Soundtrack: Hildur Guðnadóttir “Opaque” [Touch # TO:70, 2009]
On Site Sound Design: kling klang klong
Commisioned: LIGANOVA

Client: Adidas


Unbenannt_0004_Hildur Guðnadóttir - Opaque.00_00_13_07.Standbild014 Unbenannt-3_0007_170403_EmptyPlayground008_h264.00_00_45_20.Standbild004 Render2 Unbenannt-3_0004_170403_EmptyPlayground008_h264.00_01_27_00.Standbild007 Unbenannt_0003_Hildur Guðnadóttir - Opaque.00_00_22_14.Standbild014 render Unbenannt-2