To experience the future of creative machine learning

is why we moonwalk on motherboards


Waltz Binaire designs synthetic realities and deeply engaging moments in immersive audio-visual experiences, digital narratives and interactive media performances. By applying generative design and artificial intelligence to our process, we translate data to meaningful artworks and convert algorithms into creative partners. We connect with people through moving images, mobile platforms, theatres and unusual stages around the world.


The poetic collision of human desire and cutting-edge technology illustrate our present age with digital harmony and voltaic friction. Exploring the aesthetics of this encounter, is the journey of Waltz Binaire. We envision, design and implement new artistic perspectives towards human identity and innovative technology. To enrich the perception of digital phenomena and to communicate new ideas, is why we moonwalk on motherboards.


Waltz Binaire is a creative studio, open for independent and commissioned projects. Founded by computer scientist and choreographer Christian Mio Loclair, our expertise ranges from art to technology and is specialized at their intersections. We collaborate with agencies, cultural institutes, media artists, technologists and choreographers to explore human motion in digital design.

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